msy Wind Spirit

The msy Wind Spirit has 4 masts, 6 sails, is 440 feet long (360 feet at the water line), 52.1 feet wide, and carries 148 passengers and 88 crew. The deck plan is available here.


MusterOur muster station in case of emergency

readyLife preserver on and ready to go

PlackAlong with a Lounge full of others

PlackNumber 3, our designated lifeboat

PlackOur Captain

PlackOur stateroom number 206

PlackA view out the portholes

xxxRelaxing on the Flying Bridge

PlackA view of the masts from the stern

Plackand from the bow

xxxLooks better with the sails up

xxxClose up of one of the sails

xxxThe sails at night

UnfurlingUnfurling the sails
Movie 0:48 89.8 MB

xxxA couple of pictures of the sports deck


Men at workOur determined crew working hard to keep the ship safe and running smoothly
Movie 1:00 113 MB