Monemvasia Greece

The scheduled itinerary was to go to the island of Mykonos. Due to strong winds being forecast our first port of call was changed to Monemvasia.

First lookFirst look at the island at 7 am thru the porthole.

After breakfastRelaxing after breakfast with the island in the background.

CauswayMainland to the left, island to the right which is where the Old Town is situated.

PlackHow Monemvasia got its name.

BridgeThe bridge to the island. We took a shuttle bus going to the Old Town (which is down the road towards the right) and walked back.

WallThe wall around the Old Town

EntranceThe entrance to the Old Town

TunnelThe Old Town side of the tunnel

ShopsLots of shops, hotels, restaurants, and narrow streets

NarrowDid I mention that the streets were narrow?

Sea viewA look at the sparkling sea beyond the rooftops

CliffLooking the other way shows the cliff

ChurchThe entrance to the Church of Christos Elkomenos

ChurchInside the church

ChurchThe lights on tripods were for a wedding later that day

CafeJust a shot from the terrace of one of the restaurants

Sea viewAnother view of the water with the mainland in the distance, on the right edge is the terrace again

WallAnother fortified wall at the eastern end of Old Town

Panoramic sweepA panoramic sweep at the eastern end of the Old Town
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EnjoyingEnjoying the town

AnchoredWalking back to where the tender picks us up you can see where our ship is anchored

TenderThe tender returning to the ship

HorseRandom horse on the hillside wanting to know why I'm taking its picture

BridgeThe east end of the bridge, heading back to the modern world

BeerAfter a long walk one should always replenish ones body fluids

TenderOur ride back to the ship approaches

WallFrom the water you can clearly see the wall extending from the water all the way up to the cliff

Old TownYou can see the whole town in this shot