Athens Hotel Grande Bretagne

Views of and from the room

Protesters Took nearly two hours to get to the hotel thanks to protesters in front of Parliament
Balcony Looking out towards the balcony
Parliament From the balcony looking towards the left zoomed in on the Parliament building
Acropolis From the balcony looking rightwards towards the Acropolis
Acropolis A night view of the Acropolis
Movie Panoramic sweep at night
Movie 0:29 52.9 MB
Movie Panoramic sweep in the daytime
Movie 0:25 45.6 MB

Views from the rooftop pool and restaurant

Pool Relaxing in a lounge chair with my feet safely in the shade
Pool Zoomed in on the highest point near Athens. There is a restaurant on the top that we ate at
Roof View of the Acropolis from the rooftop restaurant where we eat breakfast
Sipping coffee Sipping coffee with the Acropolis in the background
Me too I was there too
Movie Panoramic sweep during breakfast. If it wasn't so hazy you could make out the ocean towards the right. The 'music' is from an exercise class down in the park.
Movie 0:44 78.9 MB