Take Route 287 to Exit 55.

From North 287
Exit 55 Northbound puts you onto Ringwood Ave where you make a right passing under Rt 287, then an immediate left onto Union Ave.

From South 287
Exit 55 puts you directly onto Union Ave where you make a left.

You'll see a Burger King on the left, across the street from the main Burger King driveway is Greenwood Ave. Make a right onto Greenwood.

Follow Greenwood until it ends at Doty Rd (directly in front of you is Rainbow Valley Lake, if your feet suddenly get wet you've gone too far). Make a left onto Doty.

Stay on Doty (approx 1-1/4 mile) until you get to a sheep farm on the left and make a right onto East Shore Drive.

Stay on East Shore Drive (.5-.6 mile) as it gets renamed to West Shore Drive (you're going counter-clockwise around the lake).

Stay on West Shore Drive (approx .3 mile) to 54 West Shore Drive.

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